Food and Drink at Anokaa

Everything we create and present to you is driven by our unadulterated passion and the pride we take in matching your high expectations!

Please enjoy this brief resume of some of our available dishes awaiting you below!

Takeaways now available

Please note: There is 20% off menu price for all takeaway collections. Choose from the menu and ring us on 01722 414142 to order.
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A selection of Starters

pan seared lamb chops


with cracked pepper and rocket salad, lime and ginger dressing

tandoor king prawn with spiced scallops and raspberry caviar


with a carom scented marinade – a mongolian delicacy

vegetarian ‘meat’ kebab


with young jack fruit and local herbs, on caramelised zhaal muri with red grape and ginger sauce

rum soaked beef medallions


grilled to perfection on a bed of tamarind glazed zhaal muri

A few of our Meat dishes

roast rump of welsh lamb


with creamy yukon gold mash topped with cashew nut, coriander and tomato sauce

pan seared female duck breast


with welsh onion mong dhal and lemon scented dijon rice

pot baked biriyani with lean lamb or corn fed chicken breast


seasoned with sweet spices of bayleaf, nutmeg and star anise, baked with jasmine rice and saffron, served with traditional raita

clove and chilli oil infused aged beef fillet steak


sun blushed tomato marinade and yukon gold mash

Example Seafood dishes

green spiced half lobster thermidor


topped with forest mushroom and pomegranate with lentil pilaf and spinach korma

king prawn amritsari


a pujabi delicacy of cinnamon, lime and green chilli infused onion sauce spiked with coriander and served with steamed rice

wild sea bass butterfly


smoked potato and aubergine crush and mango rocket

alaskan cod loin


in bengali style broth with shrimps, aubergine and potato, steamed basmati

Some of our Vegetarian dishes

paneer and royal cumin dumplings


with sweet potato. saffron almond sauce and blueberry pulao

chickpea and baby aubergine curry singapore style!


with a taste of roasted coconut, tamarind and peanut, served with buttered naan

strawberry, asparagus and toasted home made cottage cheese


in rich tomato gravy with cream of coconut and fenugreek served with saffron rice

patron house farm organic vegetable melange


spiced with curry leaves and dried mango powder, tossed in beaten yoghurt with coriander, served a little crispy with steamed rice

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